The AirWall units can be used in multiple ways, not only a Visual FX Screen but also as location security screen to block access and give complete ground privacy to the set and film crews. Protect your investment by screening your set from prying public eyes and stray photography whilst still using the AirWall units as your Visual FX Screens. It can also be used for advertising purposes.

The AirWall VFX Screen
The answer to all your outdoor visual effects requirements.
Location & Studio Security
Prevent unauthorised access and ensure complete privacy.
Quick & Easy Setup
Cutting edge technology, the only patented inflatable Visual FX system available today.
Manufactured from the most advanced materials on the market.

Waterproof Material Colours

The all new, outdoor Visual FX Screen - Sales & Rentals

Our new outdoor all weather screens are made of a new stronger, 100% waterproof advanced material which can withstand all weather conditions.

We can provide all screen sizes for purchase and specific sizes for rental.

We supply all Waterproof / Outdoor Vfx CINEMATTEX™ screens available with blackout backs available in VIVID™ colour lines to match our industry standard colour brands:

VIVID™ Green (plus). VIVID™ Blue (plus). DIGI KEY blue.

VIVID™ Interior screens and custom suits all available too.

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Using our inflatable AirWall's on your next production is a wise decision.

This new patented technology will not only save you time and money but it is environmentally friendly and reusable.
The airwall is faster, safer, greener, and
still less expensive than the alternative.

The AirWall units come in sections that are 40ft long, 8ft wide and inflate to a total height of 24ft, so you just add sections to reach the desired length. They can be mounted on a 40ft container lorry making a mobile green screen or placed on cargo containers for static use. To achieve a 32ft high wall you need to mount the unit on top of one 8ft tall container and for a 40ft high wall on top of two containers. Unlike traditional builds with cargo containers you can have a 40ft wall with no additional bracing.

AirScreens Inflatables will co-ordinate with production and all other relevant departments to ensure we meet all your outdoor screen needs. From site inspection to installation & shooting days we will be there for you every step of the way.

With a greatly reduced pre-rig and wrap time and with no wasted materials the AirWall can be set up in less than half the time of traditional methods. Please Contact us for more information or a quote.

  •   Faster

    Just place the container in position on set, mount the AirWall unit on top and simply inflate.

  •   Greener

    The AirWall is extremely environmentally friendly. The AirWall is deflated, folded and stored until its next use.

  •   Less expensive

    Save on labour, materials and transport costs.

  •   Safer

    No high, heavy container structures anymore. Completely waterproof and great in all weather conditions.


See the AirWall in action with our new waterproof outdoor VFX Screens.


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